Getting traffic to your website is an important first step, but once they’re there, you need to be able to continue to engage them. One of the best ways to do this is through an email list. An email list is an important method to stay in touch with your audience and keep you in their mind even if they forget to visit your website. It is also a much more permanent way of keeping track of your audience even when particular applications or programs are no longer in service. Businesses with an online presence consider their email list to be their most important asset.

Most people are bombarded with email spam, and so they don’t hand over their email address unless you can promise a significant benefit. Many potential customers, however, are happy to provide their email address in exchange for valuable or interesting information. Once you have captured their email addresses, it is important to continue to offer material that they value in order to keep them engaged. It is also important to contact them regularly so they remember your business, as well as what they signed up for. If you attempt to market them something months after the original email is sent, there’s a good chance they won’t remember signing up to your site and interpret the email message as promotional spam. If you don’t provide something valuable to your customers, there’s a good chance they’ll unsubscribe.

The process of building and maintaining an email list can be automated and integrated into your website. If you need help creating a website and automating your list-building, contact me – I’d be happy to create a solution that’s perfect for your business.
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